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I make art based on accumulation, collection, archives, compilations, and systems. I consume large amounts of media and therefore make large quantities of art, like the output of a grisly machine. The process of assembling my materials borders on hoarding and can get especially tenuous when its presence is easily deletable, an ever increasing avalanche of media is piled up on top of itself until it becomes unrecognizable but when looking at any individual piece the eyes glaze over, I’m not actually looking at anything am I but every individual piece is slightly different. I combine concept and technique when making art to create an equally pleasing image behind a simple idea which I find satisfying. I add elements of humor to make the art exciting for myself to work through, a sarcastic face, a fanfiction in tribute to Tom Friedman, a line made with a juice spit-take, all start with a straightforward concept which I then physically execute with elements of comedy to add personal stakes. I’m very invested in these conceptual jokes, to combine and reinvent different elements to make something new.

I’m interested in the possibilities of the line and the power behind this simple expression. The fluxus prompt “to draw a line and follow it” is something I’m inspired by, the line made physical such as Richard Long’s "A Line Made By Walking" completely changed how I thought about this concept, it communicates his physical relation to space and our larger relationship to the world through an everyday action. Although I have no pets I’d like to think of the line as something I can walk like a dog, a friend, the relationship is peaceful enough but could easily deteriorate.

Recently I’ve purposefully made large quantity of drawings which explores what the body can be, these noodley ambiguous constructs are conveyed through simply drafted lines to represent characters and further each others existence through iteration which follows a inherent system in creation. The body becomes a loose definition as the human form takes on a malleable and modular quality, I'm just a head with 4 appendages, just some lines and squiggles at my core. Whether I can complicate a meta joke or simple expression so it becomes more than a one liner, to control and add specific icons, imagery and material to move beyond a quick reading toward nuanced ideas while maintaining a balance is something I strive for.